four month update (oct 2017)

This month's spending was $2491 (down from $3148), including $500 from the lump expenses, which is $73 under the targeted amount (3% under budget for the month; now 3.6% over for the year). We brought in $1106 from my wife's part-time job at the library (which she likes and would do for free) and some old book royalties of mine (google if interested). Our withdrawal was $885 this month, which is effectively a 1.04% pro-rated SWR for the month, putting us at 1.58% pro-rated for the year. The portfolio went from $1,043,755 to $1,064,353 (a 1.97% increase for the month), which dropped down to a new total of (drum-roll) $1,063,468 after paying the bills (3.7% increase since retirement, after expenses).

Financial thoughts for the month: I finally received my rollover check and sent it to Vanguard. At one point I had lost about $10k from being out of the market for six days, but the market sharply corrected the day that my check arrived and nearly all of that amount would have been wiped out. I switched the small-caps I held for twelve years over to the total market fund once the funds became available. That decision already cost me over $10k in earnings this month. Such is life. Spending was considerably down this month due to making no large purchases other than $500 for a quick vacation to Florida (which came from the lump sum expenses). My investments are now at an all-time high. I continue to question my allocation. I continue to ask myself if I should move away from what I perceive to be an overpriced domestic market and more toward the international funds.

Experiences for the month: Our power line was hit by lightning and caused $400 in damage to the garage door opener, modem, and ooma internet phone. Comcast had to come out and repair their underground line from that as well. I’ve been listening to more music, particularly the multi-channel SACDs that I picked up before they went out of print (a good investment by the way). I’ve also read a bit, watched more movies, cooked a bit more, went park hiking twice, did five runs between 13-15 miles (40+ mpw), visited an arcade, visited a golf range three times including my first (and perhaps only) lesson, played some old PS1 games that I bought long ago and never got around to enjoying, re-watched Parks and Recreation, visited my parents more, and became a volunteer tour guide and paleontologist assistance at The Middle Tennessee Natural History Museum.

Plans for next month: I’m gunning for a 1:26 in a half-marathon on the 14th, which gives me a chance at 3:00 in a full-marathon this December. I’ll be doing more volunteer work at the museum, getting back into painting, playing some of the longer PS1 RPGs (Xenogears, Dragon Warrior VII, Final Fantasy V, Chrono Cross), possibly starting on my cabin building toward the end of the month, possibly starting Game of Thrones, and whatever the fuck I want.